Thursday, January 27, 2011

Event Love: Art Gallery Party

I have discovered the most amazing event blog! It is called One Charming Party. The reason it is so amazing is not only are the parties featured on this blog spectacular, but you are taken, step by step, through each detail of the party and shown how you can do it yourself!

I just HAD to share this Art Gallery party I found on One Charming Party. It features that amazing rainbow cake... now I'm not sure if this is where the rainbow cake originated, but it ties in perfectly with the theme of this fun party that could be adapted to almost any age!

The graphic designer AND the child in me LOVES those invites!

Too cute! French artist face paint! hmmm I'm craving cake now too...

Colour wheel place cards help up by crayons - it's too perfect!

Isn't it utterly fabulous?

There are so many great ideas here, and more, PLUS all the details and how-to info on the One Charming Party blog here.

all the gorgeous photos were taken by Nicole Gerulat


carla said...

This is too cute!!
Some people have such clever ideas for parties. I was the arty kid growing up - this would have suited me to a tee. Will store this away in my brain to pull out for any future (??) arty children I may have.

Check out these perfect cookies to match this artist party:

I found them the other day. Aren't they great!?

thea said...

OMG!!!!! I heart this!!!



Ledingham said...

Looks fabulous. That cake!!! Wow


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